Since inception in 2008, we have consulted on a wide range of business issues. We have listed some of our projects and, for each, client feedback on how they feel we have performed. If you would like to talk directly to any client in order to gain further information, please feel free to ask and we will gladly provide you with their contact details.

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Strategic Organisational Development:

We analysed the organisation and developed the future organisational development strategy for a client, for their entire Asia Pacific operations.
Client's response: "The strategy took account of the fact that we are in a period of change, and carefully identified the potential people implications and how to mitigate these. It was focussed and clearly articulated. It was a pleasure to forward this to the Regional Executive Team for their approval." (Regional HR Director, Asia Pacific).

Change Management:

We have worked with several client organisations to analyse their organisational strategy, identify the implied change for their employees and develop appropriate support to effect a successful transition. We design and develop change strategies to support the organisation's development, and design, develop and deliver change management training to their managers and change readiness training to their more junior employees.
One client's response: "We had a clear idea of what the revised vision for the organisation should be. With the change approach we adopted, we were able to build a clear view of how to engage employees and enable the change to be driven from within, which has been fundamental to our successful transition." (HR Director, Japan)

Executive Team Facilitation:

We worked with an organisation which had recently restructured and rebranded itself. The executive team wanted to articulate what the role of leadership should be in the new organisation, explore and commit to common behaviours at the executive level, and define how they should set their leadership priorities to make space for middle managers to develop and demonstrate their own team leadership capabilities.
Client's response: "What a difference really good external facilitation can make! We were able to take a potentially thorny topic and, in two days, work together as a team to set our vision, openly discuss the challenges and come up with a detailed action plan and responsibilities to redefine leadership for the organisation. The whole process was seamlessly managed and supported, with relevant insights into leadership and executive team development provided, where we felt we needed it. We are now one team with a common purpose that we all believe in." (CEO, Sydney, Australia)

Leadership Development:

We have enjoyed an ongoing relationship with one major not for profit which has experienced unprecedented growth over the last five years. We have supported the senior team through this growth in identifying their leadership role, defining leadership capabilities for the organisation on this basis, and then designing, developing and delivering an extensive suite of leadership development programs to enhance capability at all levels.
Client's response: "Potency works with us as a strategic partner to help the organisation to continually refine and renew itself and ensure our capability development continues to lead our organisational growth." (Head of OD, Australia) .
We developed and delivered a 5-day change management workshop in Malaysia for a client's Asia Pacific HR team. Participants' feedback:
"This workshop exceeded expectations! I was hoping for insights on customer requirements, roles and responsibilities, templates - and all this was more than met."
"I was hoping that this would be a change management workshop without an HR skew, and this was certainly the case. I have learnt new skills. The flow and flexibility were fantastic"
"Very well designed workshop knowing that the subject is very soft. How you turn difficult concepts and theories into a workshop format always amazes me"

Develping a High Performance Organisation:

We worked with one client to establish a high performance framework for the organisation and support performance alignment at the organisation, team and individual level. This work included a revised organisational reporting framework, team development strategies to refocus teams towards high performance and the development and introduction of a performance review process to ensure alignment of individual objectives to the strategic framework.
Client's response: "Performance is often talked about but sometimes difficult to bring to life. Through Potency, we have gained a detailed understanding of the academic research that highlights the drivers of high performance and we have received excellent facilitation and consultancy support to help us to translate that into our organisational context. As a result, high performance is now being embedded in every level of our organisational review and reporting processes." (Head of Workplace Change and Culture, Sydney, Australia)

Learning Strategy:

We are currently working with a client to develop a strategic Learning framework for senior managers across their Australasian operations.
Client feedback: "Thank you! Your insights have provided me with the ammunition I need to sell this into the board of directors as a people strategy that has tangible business benefits." (Director of Organisational Development, Australasia)

Creating a values-based organisation:

We work with clients to support an articulation of desired organisational culture, and provide practical steps to ensure the cultural vision becomes a reality. We also review client organisations to evaluate how well they are doing against their desired organisational culture.
One client's feedback: "Vicky analysed our organisational values and the behaviours underpinning them, and then structured focus groups and one on one interviews to explore to what extent we were delivering against these. She quickly and effortlessly highlighted areas of strength and areas for improvement, recommended an action plan to address our needs and provided ongoing support and follow up to help us in our delivery. The whole process took less than one month and was extremely cost effective." (Area Head of Organisational Development, Australasia)

Team Development:

We have worked extensively with one OD team within a client organisation, to support them in articulating their strategy, restructuring to ensure effective strategy delivery, recruiting and training to meet future capability needs and designing and delivering OD solutions to support the revised strategy.
Client's response: "Thank you Vicky! You have become an integral part of the team! You have elevated the OD function to a strategic business partner and changed the perceptions the business has of OD and also how it feels to be part of this team. Your insights, patience and support have been invaluable" (Head of OD, Sydney, Australia)